Lets talk MHz (megahertz) the study of electromagnetism, everything has frequency our health is determined by it; our thoughts, our food, our environment all affects this magnetic field. Our health is determined by this very principal. When we are in love or feeling appreciated we radiating at a high frequency but when we tumble into our Ego mindset we attract the: depression, scarcity, anxiety and sickness. As the human body is made up of several body systems and delivery systems which in turn are made up of cells pathways and molecules, which finally divided into atoms, protons, neurons and electrons; which are the subatomic particles called ENERGY that affect every single atom in your body. I know, I know.... How does this relate to aromatherapy -hugely! A healthy body will resonate between 62-78MHz, what if I told you a single red rose has the highest fibrational frequency blasting at 320MHz!! The colour of the rose enters our eyes travels through our central nervous system to all Body Systems specifically the; spine, kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, colon and blood. Red represents iron, war, passion and lust. At the chakra level red is concerned with all things in our lower body region. Just think of the deepened sense of consciousness and intrinsic power of the red rose blasting all that loving, high vibrating electrical frequency through your eyes, piercing your nasal passage ways affecting every subatomic particle in your body. That's AROMATHERAPY friends!!

Here's an example of some common herbs: Basil 52MHz, Juniper 98MHz, Lavendar 118MHz, Sandalwood 96MHz, and Frankincense 147MHz.




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