Coconut: The MYTH

#1 raw coconut oil is a saturated fat and one of the most comedogenic oils on the market; it is imperative our skin is able to absorb water and oxygen. Yet when we coat our skin's Barrier Function that aids in intercellualr transepidermal waterloss (TEWL) we have a recipe for disaster. Comedogenic coconut oil suffocates the skin trapping: sweat, sebum and dirt creating a breeding ground for blackheads. Simply put coconut oil does not allow the skin on your face to do its job. Just because the internet is caught up in the Craze du jour doesn't mean you have to be. Although, I too have succumb to the coconut cult jam and the first day my skin felt great! But because I have aged, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin the second time I tried it I broke out -my skin felt like sandpaper. The last thing my skin type needs is plastic wrap on my pores to further suffocate and dehydrate my already sensitized skin. Au reviour le coc0nut!

A good moisturizer is composed of three ingredients: Humectants, Occlusives and Emolliants. Our skin selectively absorbs the products we put on our face through the follical walls, sebaceous glands, intercellular and trancellular channels. Therefore ingredients with a smaller molecular composition penetrate to the dermis and are able to stimulate collagen protein and

fibers. Be sure to read ingredients and research what is going on your face, as the body and face are treated differently hydrophilicly speaking...

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