How are you showing up?

A good attitude creates a happy space where clients, friends and colleague want to be. There are certain characteristics we are innately born with BUT you can always change your attitude. In both business and personal life having a healthy and well developed attitude is what makes you successful. Here are some indicators of a good #winning attitude:

#DIPLOMACY -Tactful and to the point, but not critical. Speaking to people in an appropriate manner, with self-awareness.

#EMOTIONAL STABILITY -Self control. Be cognizant and aware of how you may be being perceived or how others may be perceiving you, this important marker for emotional maturity. Make eye contact.

#RECEPTIVITY -Be interested in other people, show genuine interest and participate in active listening.

#SENSITIVITY -Learn to be emphatic, understanding and accepting. Be aware of the language you chose when dealing with sensitive matters and business matters. Sensitivity is a gift, its strength because not all are able to relate and care for others.

#MORALS -A well adjusted person with a strong value system maintains two key elements: Manners and Good Judgement. These two are the basis for good life skills and business practice. A simple; thank you, how are you and your welcome go a long way. Be gregarious. Be kind. Mind your manners.

#DISCERNMENT -Do not share or worse,

over share your personal traumas with your clients and colleagues. This is not just good common sense/courtesy its a professional responsibility. Remain thoughtful in your language and body language, as no one needs to listen to your personal problems at work. You are an aesthetian, not a psychotherapist. Secondly, it doesn't create a loving and welcoming environment for anyone. Leave your problems at the door!!

#BOUNDARIES -Set up rules on what you choose to discuss with the public and what you choose to emotionally and physically absorb. You do not need to listen, you are not a counselor. Be kind, be diplomatic but do not absorb peoples traumas; this is what therapists are for.

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