Spotted Dick..

Ha! Made you look.. Now that I have your attention, I thought the heading is a clever reference to the burning (no pun intended) quest for a perfect spot free nose. Spotted Dick, is a delightful British pudding that takes on a similar appearance to that of a nose with blackheads and enlarged pores. When a follicle is filled with dirt and excess oil blackheads are formed; the pore turns "black" because it oxidizes when mixed with the air. Blackheads do not go away on their own and need extracting! The safest and most painless way to extract blackheads is done during your facial while the skin is softened and prepped for extractions, if blackheads are left alone they will only enlarge and fill with more debris. Of course most medical clinics will tell you to pay the big bucks for IPL's, Fraxel or worse high intensity chemical peels -NO! It's amazing what a bit of TLC and a sound skin examination along with an ethical Medical Aesthetician may reveal to you. My advice is always try and attack the root of the problem or blackhead in more ways than one. Firstly, get a couple of deep cleansing facials with extractions and see how your skin improves. Still not satisfied? Book another consultation with your Medical Aesthetician and check out other more invasive treatment options. Remember, its not always the more expensive device that gives you results; it's the skill and expertise of your Medical Aesthetician advice and strategic planning to get the results that are best suited for you and your wallet.

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