What the heck is that???

I constantly get questions about hypertrophies of the skin, which are abnormal growths. Straight from my Skin Sciences text for your viewing pleasure. Here goes:

*HYPERTROPHY. An abnormalgrowth: many are benign, or harmless, however, some growths are premalignant and can be dangerous or cancerous. Hypertrophic is used to describe thickenng of a tissue.

*ACTINIC KERATOSES. Pink or flesh-coloured precancerous lesions that feel sharp or rough that are a result of sun damage and should be checked by a dermatologist.

*HYPERKERATOSIS. Thickening of the skin caused by a mass of keratinocytes.

*KERATOMA. An acquired, thickened patch of the epidermis. A callus caused by pressure or friction is a keratoma. If the thickening grows inward it becomes a corn; outward it is a skin tag.

*KERATOSIS PILARIS. Redness or bumpiness in the cheeks or upper arms; caused by blocked follicles aka: Chicken Skin. Exfoliation can help unblock follicles and alleviate the rough feeling.

*MOLE. A pigmented nevus; a brownish spot ranging in colour from tan to bluish black. Some are flat, resembling freckles; others are raised and darker. Most are benign, but changes in mole colour or shape should be checked and monitored by a physician. Hairs in moles are common and should not be removed unless by a physician because it may irritate or cause structural changes to the mole.

*SKIN TAG. Small outgrowths or extensions of the skin that look like flaps (but no you can not fly... joking haha) they are benign and are common under the arms or on the neck from friction or where skin is rubbed together.

*VERRUCA. Also known as a wart. A hypertrophy of the papillae and epidermis caused by a virus. Infectious and contagious, verruca can spread... Come to think of it wasn't there a band called Verruca Salt? Creepy, anyway..

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