Our Story

Borne out of Turmoil

Birthed after the tragic death of my 33-year-old brother and the reconstruction of my marriage, Ambiguous Beauty is my offering to the community. It is the personal journey to the truth of myself manifested into a digital home for people who look like me.

This space is for the pretty, who are at the same time handsome; the feminine, who are at the same time masculine; the so-called uglies, who are, in fact, beautiful. This space is for the girl who sometimes feels like a boy and the boy who sometimes feels like a girl. It is for the darkness we carry and the light we are too afraid to shine.

This space is for those of us who make society uncomfortable because we don’t fit into their narrow standards of femininity, masculinity, motherhood, career, and the like.

But we can awaken to our true selves, transcend these standards, and step into our physical and inner beauty and innate power. Together, we will open our eyes to the truth and learn to embrace every facet of our being.

There is harmony in our obscurity. There is light in our duality. There is beauty in our ambiguity.